Now available the new Citylights official music video

Now available the new Citylights official music video

Citylights new video is now available on my Youtube channel!

It’s been months of planning, shooting, frustration, improvement, repeating, perfectioning… but finally this process has come to culmination.

The video is totally DIY, homemade and hand crafted. I know it will have an infinity of technical mistakes and details that an experienced professional would never do, but I can’t and I dont want to stay innactive because of worrying about having everything perfect in this project. Better done than perfect. And also, I believe this way I can give you a more personal view and feeling about what Citylights means to me, through a subjective camera shot. I think this is an honest idea and an honest way to show it to you.

The narrative of the video shows the life in the city along dusk, night and dawn. The city never sleeps. It has different faces and all of them have a unique beauty.

Citylights is a concept inspired not only on artificial street lights, but also the light reflected by the materials that build the city, the colours that tint the city along the day and the night, the geometric shapes that surround you and the contrast between the ancient and contemporary elements.

“Citylights” out now –…

Original idea, director & producer: Sadie Zeev

Music by: Sadie Zeev, J. M. Javaloyas and Sergio López López – Download Citylights:

Special thanks to: SB Plaza Europa Hotel in Barcelona for allowing us to record on their amazing rooftop terrace, Sergio López López, Borja Miret and Sonia Forteza.

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