Citylights is coming

Citylights is coming

Dear friends, I am so proud of showing you the cover of my new single, Citylights. I am super excited with the final result because I believe it shows exactly the message of the song: a fascination for life in the city, as a source of inspiration and motivation to live.

The artwork was made by Sonia Forteza Ramos, that was in charge of photography, and Borja Miret, designer of the final image. Actually, they work together with me in more than just the cover of the single, because they are a fundamental support for this project. Thank you both a lot! Furthermore, there are two of their branding elements hidden on the design… Can you find them?

The photography shows a face than communicates the emotion of being in front of something new, extraordinary and huge: the city. This picture is mixed with the skyline of New York City (although, according to the song, it could be any city) while the Sun sneaks in between the buildings, giving the city unbelievable colours and holographic reflections.

Although originally the song was written for Madrid, New York has been an important inspiration to make the song, because we were in search of mixed-style sound and putting together old and new sounds to create something unique to be on continuous change, but that has a constant essence.

At the beginning, it was Madrid because it was the first big city that I travelled, but the I went to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, London, New York, Valencia… who conquered me in every trip. And now that I am moving to Barcelona, the song has again a new meaning for me…

I hope you like the cover of Citylights, and that the song inspires  you as much as it has inspired me several times… On May 25th Citylights will be available for you all!

  • Borja Miret
    Posted at 22:57h, 17 May Reply

    Bravo. Me impresiona como el tema te lleva a esas sensaciones que describes a través de los sonidos que seguramente no distinguimos a simple oída. Está brillantemente diseñado. Hay un muy grande trabajo detrás y eso que sólo he visto una pequeña parte… hemos intentado hacerle toda la justicia posible con la imagen!

  • Mireia Biot
    Posted at 22:20h, 22 May Reply

    En el edificio pone Borja Miret?🤔 @srtabigot

  • Carlos Izquierdo
    Posted at 08:51h, 23 May Reply

    Hola! Soy @carlosiar!
    En el lado izquierdo se ve medio logo de Sonia como cortado y el nombre de Borja en la parte superior del edificio a la derecha de tus ojos.

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