Making of Citylights

Making of Citylights

The making of is out! You can already watch how Citylights was shooted in my Youtube channel. I finally decided to do two different videos, because telling everything in just one was goint to be too long… So you got Part 1 – where I show you the shooting spots in London and I do some kind of travel blog – and Part 2 – where I tell you about the concept developed in the video and why we chose these scenery and outfits.

As I said in previous occasions, Citylights is an ode to life in the city. A way to express the sensation of immensity and magnificence that the fact of going to new places triggers in me. The crowds, the hectic rhythm, the uncountable visual and sound inputs you get, and the astonishing image of huge buildings, whose silhouete gets combined with the unique shades the sky offers along the different times of the day, and the top of the skyscrapers who seem to belong to another dimension, makes you feel like you are on the top of the world.

The original idea of sound for this song was New York. We looked for a sound that remided to mix of cultures and times to create a nique ambiance and to evoke all these sensations. We wanted to portray this in the video as well. The main plot in it is life in the city from dusk until dawn, with the meaning of “life in the city never stops” – not even at night.

I hope you like the making of and, if you still haven’t seen the official Citylights video, please check it out HERE and let me know what you think in the comment!

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