COVER | Weird

COVER | Weird

Here’s my last cover, Weird, of the Hanson brothers. As a novelty, in this cover I recorded the music myself as well, instead of using other people’s music tracks. I also counted with the collaboration ofI’Mperfect Agency that made possible the participation of the alternative models that appear on the video.

It is curious how music can leave a mark in you since the very beginning.When I was five somebody – I guess my parents but I don’t remember – gave me Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere CD as a present. It was my very first record on my library, and I absolutely loved all the songs. But this one was very special, it even made me cry at a very young age, although I didn’t spoke English yet and I didn’t really understand the meaning of the lyrics.

Years afterwards, when the song came to my mind, I remembered how the sound of the voice was and I started to guess, what the lyrics were, and I absolutely became fascinated how much this lyrics meant to me, and how, after years, it really sticked to my memories and how my life had been.

Thanks to Taylor, Zack and Isaac for creating such a masterpiece. And long life to the 90s.

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